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Muse class in Aion, Impressive. Pics here

Muse class female aion

Muse class in Aion gets a new 3d model with all the different postures. Standing, running emoting very different then other classes and by looks of it very “advanced”. Have to mention one very important thing about Aion 4 that … Continue reading »

Aion New Classes – Gunslinger and Songweaver

Finally after 4 years Aion gets two new classes. Gunslinger Similar to Rogue in Guild Wars 2, gunslinger…, well you guessed it slings guns. Gunslinger basically throws guns at you when it runs out of bullets.   joking aside. here’s … Continue reading »

Asmodian Shortage – I blame claw-feet

Ncsoft is combating the shortage of Asmodian race, especially on some servers. People tend to create light characters that are more human like. Restriction is here: Elyos character creation for new players will only be available between 12 PM and … Continue reading »

Pirat Costumes coming up at Marketplace

Pirate Costumes available in Aion Marketplace today!  Pirate-Themed Costume and Weapon Skins You can choose Pirate Captain’s Clothes or Pirate Crew’s Clothes. Mean eye patches and hats are waiting for you. Weapons also get skins so you’ll be booty grabbing … Continue reading »

Daeva’s Day Event September 2013

The month-long anniversary celebration is heating up for Aion! We first kicked off with the Alchemist Event, and next up is the Daeva’s Day Event. A celebration isn’t complete without cake! Daeva’s Day – Cakes & Buffs (September 18 to … Continue reading »

Aion version of Lich King – KEK

Here we have it Aion version of Lich King, dark betrayer that wants a revenge with dark army of abominations and fat drummers

Aion 4.0 Dark Betrayal Truly Free Play Now

New classes New Level Cap New Areas New Monsters  

MegaKinah Millions! It is actually 300kk!!!

Want a chance to be a Kinah millionaire? Each week for the next 8 weeks, Daevas will have a chance to win more than 300 million Kinah during the MegaKinah Millions Event! Over 10 billion Kinah will be awarded to … Continue reading »

Crucible Gear

This is the first time I have been completely stunned by the gear design in Aion. Strongly reminds me of gear from Lineage 2. Somehow reminds me of the Talum plate set and its vampiric appeal. here are some of … Continue reading »

July events Till Aug 1

July events 2012 Songs of Glory Hunting Day Rifting Event Songs of Glory Description The Songs of Glory event runs from July 18th, 2012 to August 1st, 2012. Troupes of bards have arrived in Sanctum and Pandaemonium, and they need … Continue reading »