Quick overview on classes

The Warrior

Fearsome and hulking, a Warrior‘s way is found more through brute force and great resilience than guile and trickery. However, do not be fooled into thinking Warriors are only brainless, or simple-minded. A Warrior bears the brunt of the attack and can reply with tremendous force and power. Do not fail to appreciate what they can do for your group.
Though your first steps may be relatively easy to master, Warriors must fully dedicate both body and mind to fully understand the powerful skills they’ll later be taught. A great many Warriors have walked the lands, but only the strongest and most dedicated can truly survive in this world.

Once a Warrior reaches a certain level of proficiency, they will see their path end and split into two distinct and new routes: those of the Gladiator and of the Templar.

The Scout

If the Warrior is about grit, power and sheer strength, then Scouts concern themselves more with speed, agility and awareness. They dress in light armor, making them vulnerable… when they can be hit. Scouts are complex men and women that require a delicate touch and measured approach. Once they learn their inherent strengths and weaknesses, Scouts can become formidable opponents indeed!

After the scout has reached the required level of ability, they will be able to choose one of two classes to specialize in: the Ranger or the Assassin.

The Mage

Mages are at once incredibly powerful and yet exceptionally vulnerable—able to deal out terrifying, awe-inspiring levels of damage, while taking little in return. They have command over the elements, summoning raging fireballs and chains of the coldest ice to wreak havoc over ranks of the enemy. They can even speak to the shattered planet, calling forth roots to bind enemies in place.

However, as mentioned, Mages are also extremely weak, and must learn to evade whenever possible. As with all classes, knowing when to fight and when to flee is vital, but this is only accentuated when the defenses of the subject are so very limited.

Once a Mage has survived the fragile existence of their first few months, they may find themselves able to choose one of two areas of expertise: the path of the Sorcerer and of the Spiritmaster.

The Priest

The Priest is arguably the backbone of any successful party. Their ability to keep friends alive even in the direst of circumstances cannot be underestimated, and Priests can be absolutely vital in ensuring groups survive against the more pressing challenges in Atreia. Who would go into battle without a trustworthy Priest by their side?

Dying comrades can be brought to full health in a heartbeat, and deadly poisons cured just as they were about to snatch their victims away from their friends and family… all accomplished by the fair hand of a kind and benevolent Priest.

Once a Priest has learned and fully understood the intricacies of their class, they will be given two new paths to choose from: that of the Cleric and the Chanter.

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